Me, Myself & I

Confessions of a Blogger Wannabe

I really do not know how to motivate myself to write at least one blog entry every month or even every week. I used to justify it by saying that i did not have enough time because of work but now that i am not working, i cannot even make myself do it. My last post was also on a November and here i am right now writing a blog post on a November again! And the worst part is, the year is almost over. I am so unproductive.

This post is dedicated to my lazy self and how i can motivate myself of making blogging a hobby or maybe even an occupation. Yes. Wishful thinking. I write about my feelings and about my current situation. I do not do reviews (but we will never know. I might just try that!) and i do not know what else to write about that involves me using a lot of words. But then again i should start with something. I need to level up my blogging skills and that should start now!

So here are a few Q&A’s with myself that will remind me of why i have this blog in the first place.

Why does this site even exist?

Ouch. That question hurts. It’s like my skills and capabilities  are questioned but the answer to that is “Why the hell not?”. The internet has become a new avenue for everyone from different walks of life express themselves. The internet has become a new outlet for aspiring writers and also for those who just simply want to share life experiences with someone out there. I started this blog not expecting anything. I always kept a diary since i was young and filling it up always excites me and this blog gives me the same feeling. I would like to improve myself and my writing skills as well and i would want to share my life experiences to people and let them know that they are not the only ones.

Do you even know how to write or better yet compose a decent entry?

Yes. I do write. I love to play with words. I would like to believe that i can write and with practice and experience i can improve myself. And now that i am living in Germany, i do not use English as often as i would like to and i think this blog is a breath of fresh air for me to air out  and express myself.

Last but not the least : Is this blog site even worth reading?

But of course! This blog is catered to people who find interest in other people’s lives and those who appreciate honesty and truth. My blog is personal. My blog is about life and sometimes how it can get complicated. I think anything in our lives that involves change is always interesting – maybe not for all – but at least you can learn something from it.

There you go. Now i can always go back to this entry and remind myself of why i blog in the first place. I think that writing your thoughts is a good way of self expression. Join me in this journey and i hope that i can put some sense and also make sense to someone out there. Wish me luck and see you around the cyber world!


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