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Of Engagements & Believing in the One

Yesterday marked our third year engagement anniversary. I know, I know. People do find a lot of reasons to celebrate something – celebrate religiously, I mean. We didn’t, okay? I just actually found inspiration to write about something.

My ex-boyfriend’s proposal was actually one that I did not see coming. We were in an exclusive long distance relationship (LDR) and I was not the kind who constantly thinks of myself as a bride or more so a married woman. I am usually chill with my relationships and was always hoping for the best and taking each day at a time.


I can still clearly remember what happened on the 24th of June, 2014 in front of the Eiffel Tower, yes – that famous tower in Paris, yes – the romantic city of Paris, France! Earlier that day, we had an awesome breakfast and were staying at my pregnant friend’s house in the beautiful area of Bastille. On our 2nd day, we decided to visit Sacre Couer and then enjoyed our lunch and people watching in the Montmartre square – as what I call it. We walked along Champs-Elysees and of course took a picture in front of the Arc de Triomphe. It is always hard to not walk around Paris especially because the weather was cooperating very well. After that, we went back home because my pregnant friend needs to take her afternoon nap and that we will have a picnic in the afternoon after her husband gets off from work. We just followed the itinerary for the day but little did I know that the “nap” they took was my ex-boyfriend’s way of preparing himself for the night and my friend to be not so obvious with her plan and her excitement, of course. Mind you, it is hard to be an accomplice especially if you are pregnant. So props to her!

My ex-boyfriend donned a black suit but kept his jeans casual. It was kind of weird that he was wearing that since there was no special occasion. We were just going for a picnic or so I thought. He said he wanted to dress up since he knows that I like dressing up and so that we would look great in pictures. Well, who am I to argue with that. We took a taxi going to the Eiffel Tower and as soon as we arrived, we tried to find the best spot. We were not so picky as long as we see the tower. There are always lots of people there. It was a nice place to relax. We rolled out our picnic mat and prepared our cheese, wine (juice for my friend) and cold cuts combo. The Eiffel is so pretty at night with its lights on so we were waiting for that while having a good chat about life in general. My ex-boyfriend loves to do speeches especially before a drink or even in between. He proposed a toast for my friends, their upcoming bundle of joy and lastly, he talked about me. I hate hearing things about myself. I do not accept flattery and compliments too well. I am sometimes shy and also because I have friends present as well.


It is true when they say that when something special happens in your life, you get too excited that you only remember more of what they did than more of what they said. I was just in shock and I could not believe what he was talking about. I actually even asked whether he was joking or was just saying that for the sake of his speech. I covered my mouth with my hands and just froze. Is this really happening? Thank God his initial plan of proposing on the highest point of the tower did not happen because if it did, I might suffer from anxiety. He kneeled and showed me the ring. I uttered a long “Noooooooo” but eventually said “Yes!!!” and at the back of my mind was the concern of how am I going to tell this to my father – my strict father. But that is another story in another post maybe. It was surreal. It was magical.


My take on love has always been simple and straightforward. Love should come easy. Love should be easy. Easy, because you can do everything in the relationship with no complaints and hesitations. Easy, because you are simply happy and less stressed. You are simply happy to love and be loved. Many ask on when or how will you know if he is the one. My cliché answer will always be – you just know and most importantly, you don’t have doubts – on the person and on the relationship. Whether it is destiny you are waiting for or a sign, just believe that someone is out there for you. I am so grateful for that wonderful surprise that my friends and my ex-boyfriend did for me. Until now, I still get so “kilig” every time I say “my husband”. I am one lucky girl indeed. 2 years married and counting.



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