My First Concert Experience : Coldplay

It has always been in my bucket list to watch a music concert and not just any ordinary artist, it has to be U2 and Coldplay. Before, musicians and bands do not normally go to the Philippines but I am glad that recently they have been including Manila, Philippines in their Asian leg of the tour. With the presence of social media, there are more possibilities of tracking your favorite band and not only that, one can even watch their concerts in YouTube for free. I know it is not live but at least one can have an idea on how their concerts go.

One of the advantages of living here in Europe is that bands always include the major cities here in their World Tour. Last October 2016, tickets were available for sale for Coldplay’s June 2017 concert in Frankfurt and thank God for mobile alerts that I was able to buy the tickets as soon as possible. The tickets were sold out in a flash. I held on to that ticket for a good 8 months like a pregnant woman awaiting the birth of her child.

To be excited about the concert is an understatement. Sometimes I feel that I am actually preparing for the concert like I am the one who is going to perform. My preparations include buying their old albums and listening to them once again so that I could learn the lyrics of the songs that I am not so familiar and also recall the ones that I forgot. That is what you call being utterly prepared.

Now fast forward to the concert day and that was last June 30, 2017. I was glad that the train fare was included in the ticket price and that I was allowed to travel to and fro the concert venue. They were also encouraging the concert goers to use the public transport so as to not have problems with parking. The weather was tricky. It was actually cloudy with a 40 percent chance of rain but around 6 o’clock in the evening, the skies cleared up and I can actually say that it was a perfect day for a concert.


Aviary Photo_131445133627403039
I cannot NOT buy a souvenir and of course, beer first before anything else.

The moment I was in the train I had a feeling that most of the people beside me were going to the concert too and I was actually right. Suddenly, someone played a Coldplay song and all of us were looking at each other with a smile on our faces. That was the kind of affirmation that we wanted to know. We are so ready to have fun tonight!

I bought the cheapest ticket so I was seated in the far end of the Commerzbank Arena but the experience was nevertheless spectacular. Upon entering the venue, there was strict security which was done by depositing large bags and at the same time doing body checks for everyone. Sometimes I still cannot believe how organized the Germans are. Beer, food and souvenir stands were made available so people could also have their fill before the concert starts. What also amazed me was the number of portable toilets that were situated in different parts to accommodate 40,000 people. At least you can have a beer and not worry about the queue going to the toilet.

Coldplay was scheduled to perform at 8:45pm so the crowd started to become restless when they did not come out as planned. On my far left, the crowd started to do the wave and then everyone followed suit and it looked so cool and surreal – no need for instructions. It was my first live concert experience and it was nice to know that you are surrounded with people who have the same enthusiasm and excitement as you have towards the event.


Yes. That is how far I was.


As we all heard the first strum of the guitar, the beat of the drums and then Chris’ voice, everyone just started to shout, clap, and jump. Finally! From the beginning until the end, I sang and danced my heart out. I was overflowing with joy and I still could not believe that I was experiencing this first hand. I was over the moon because all of my favorite songs were played. What makes a Coldplay concert amazing is that they added light effects in the form of laser lights and the Xylobands, which were given at the entrance. Xylobands are arm bands that emit LED lights and are controlled by the production themselves. The cool part is that the arm bands light up depending on the song played. Imagine, lights plus the song = heaven bound. Entertainment value was definitely 100 percent. I cannot also subject the fact that Chris Martin is a show man. He never forgot to acknowledge and thank everyone. His connection to the audience is so strong and it is so evident that he really loves what he is doing. I only have nice words for Chris, the band and the whole production. The concert definitely did not disappoint. Two hours went by so fast that when they said their goodbyes I wished that they would come back and perform more songs. A Coldplay concert is a must see. I could not stress it enough. Thank you for that amazing, wonderful, spectacular (and all other synonyms of beautiful that I cannot even recall right now while writing this blog) concert. Reminiscing only brings happy memories and I am definitely glad that I went.


Thank you, Coldplay! You and your music are beautiful!



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